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Abbott, Katy Abbott Kvasnica, Katy 1871 Australian 20th/21st century composer. her body of work incorporates orchestra, chamber and music for voice - an area where she exhibits a particular flair. As well as freelance composition, Abbott Kvasnica is Lecturer in Composition at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne.
Abbs, Keith British performer, teacher, arranger and composer. He has sung with many professional classical choirs such as the Linden Singers and the BBC Singers, and for five years was a member of the St. Paul’s Cathedral choir. Several of his jazz band arrangements have been featured in foyer concerts at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Cadogan Hall, and two of his vocal arrangements have been recorded and published by the King’s Singers
Abrams, Rita 1943 American songwriter, performer and writer who has specialised in childrens' songs
Abt, F. Abt, Franz 1819 1885 German composer and choral conductor.[2] He composed roughly 3,000 individual works mostly in the area of vocal music. Several of his songs were at one time universally sung, and have obtained a more or less permanent place in the popular repertory.
Acworth, Harry Arbuthnot Acworth, H. A. 1849 1933 Lyricist, for many composers including Elgar
Adam, Adolph-Charles 1803 1856 French composer particularly of operas and ballets, and music critic.
Adams, Arthur Henry 1872 1936 Born in New Zealand spent most of his adult life in Australia as a Journalist, author and poet
Adams, Brant 1944 American Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator. Brant has been a member of the Oklahoma State University music faculty since 1987, serving as area coordinator of music theory and composition and as head of the Department of Music since 2008.
Adams, Bryan 1970 Canadian singer songwriter, musician, producer, actor, social activist, and photographer.. Adams has been one of the most successful figures of the world of rock music during last three decades.
Adams, George Archibald Emmett Adams, Emmett 1889 1938 Australian, songwriter and Lyricist
Adams, H. M. 20th century British composer, musicologist and author
Adams, Ishmael Ghanean composer and conductor who formed the Damas choir in the 1950s, a non denominational mixed choir
Adams, Lee 1924 American lyricist best known for his musical theatre collaboration with Charles Strouse. Won Broadway's Tony Award twice: in 1961, his lyrics as part of a Best Musical win for "Bye, Bye Birdie;" and in 1970, his lyrics as part of a Best Musical win for "Applause."
Adams, Lydia Canadian Choral conductor. While in England, she worked with many leading conductors, composers and arrangers including Sir David Willcocks, Sir Neville Marriner, John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, Tonϋ Kaluste among others. In 1981, Lydia Adams became the pianist of the Elmer Iseler Singers, a fully professional chamber choir based in Toronto, and worked with its founder, the late Dr. Elmer Iseler, in that capacity for 17 years. She was appointed Conductor and Artistic director after his death
Adams, Sarah Flower 1805 1848 English Poet
Adams, Stephen 1841 1913 Pseudonym for Michael Maybrick English composer and singer
Adams, Stephen 1844 1913 Pseudonym for Michael Maybrick English composer and singer
Adelaide Latvian Society, Formed in Adelaide South Australia in 1953
Ades, Hawley 1908 2008 American choral arranger,
Adkins, James Edward Adkins, J. E. 1867 1939 Irish Organist,Choirmaster and Composer
Adler, Richard 1921 2012 Composer, lyricist, producer
Adlgasser, Anton Cajetan 1729 1777 German organist and composer at Salzburg Cathedral and at court, and composed a good deal of liturgical music (including eight masses and two requiems) as well as oratorios and orchestral and keyboard works.
Adrian, John Adrian, J. Lyricist for pop and country songs, especially for Billy "Crash" Craddock
Afanasieff, Walter 1958 Russian American multiple Grammy-award-winning record producer and songwriter. He is best known for his long association with Mariah Carey, for whom he was co-producer and co-writer for several years, beginning in 1990.
Agay, Denes 1911 2007 Hungarian-born American composer, arranger and author
Agazzari, Agostino 1578 1640 Italian composer and music theorist. Agazzari wrote several books of sacred music, madrigals and the pastoral drama Eumelio (1606).
Agee, James 1909 1955 American novelist, journalist, poet, screenwriter and film critic.
Ager, Milton 1893 1979 Songwriter and arranger
Agey, C. Buell 1907 1997 Music arranger and transcriber
Agnestig, Carl-Bertil Andersson, Carl-Betil 1924 Swedish music teacher and composer. He is known for music-instruction books and has written several songs, one of the more well-known is " Advent Candles"