Roland di Lassus

Alternative Names: Lasso, Orlando di; Lassus, Orlando di
Birth Year: 1532
Death Year: 1594
Notes: Netherlandish or Franco-Flemish composer of the late Renaissance


Title Alternate Title(s)
Adoramus Te, Christe
Ah, Could My Eyes Behold Thee
Audite Nova The Big Fat Goose
Ave Verum Corpus
Bon Jour, Mon Coeur Good Day, Dear Heart; Good Day, My Dear
Busstranen Des Heiligen Petrus - Teil 1
Busstranen Des Heiligen Petrus - Teil 2
Busstranen Des Heiligen Petrus - Teil 3
Domine Dominus Noster
Gallans Qui Par Terre Et Par Mer Gallants Who Hail from Land and Sea
Good Day Dear Heart
Hear My Prayer, O Lord
I Know a Young Maiden Wondrous Fair
In Hora Ultima
In Pace
Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra Make Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
La Nuit Froide Et Sombre Night and Morn
Let Me Look on Thee
Levavi Oculos Meos
Magnificat Praeter Rerum Seriem
Matona, Lovely Maiden Matona, Mia Cara
Matona, Mia Cara Matona, Lovely Maiden
Mein Einiger Trost
Messe Douce Memoire
My Heart Doth Beg You'll Not Forget Mon Coeur Se Recommande A Vous; My Heart Is Offered Still to You
My Love for Her Je l'Aime Bien
Nos Qui Sumus in Hoc Mundo
O Eyes of My Beloved
O la, O Che Buon Eco Echo Song; Hark! the Echo Falling