William G. James

Alternative Names: James, William Garnet
Birth Year: 1892
Death Year: 1977
Notes: Australian pianist and composer and a pioneer of music broadcasting in Australia.


Title Alternate Title(s)
Australia, My Country
Australia, O Thou Favoured Isle
Australian Carols. Set No. 1
Australian Carols. Set No. 2
Australian Carols. Set No. 3
Bush Night Song
Bush Silence
Carol of the Birds
Christmas Bush for His Adorning
Christmas Day
Christmas Night
Comrades of Mine
Country Carol (The Oxen) The Oxen
Golden Day
King Billy's Song
Merry Christmas
Noel Time
Our Lady of December
Sing Gloria
The Christmas Tree
The Day That Christ Was Born On
The Land of "Who Knows Where"
The Little Town Where Christ Was Born
The Silver Stars Are in the Sky
The Stockrider's Song
The Three Drovers