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Maderna, Bruno 1920 1973 Italian conductor, teacher and composer.
Magalona, Francis 1964 2009 Philippino rapper , songwriter and actor.
Magennis, Chris Composer
Magill, Cynthia J. Composer
Mahler, Gustav 1860 1911 Austrian late-Romantic composer, and one of the leading conductors of his generation.
Mahy, Kenneth 1937 American composer of art song and choral music in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. In his early years, Mahy sang extensively as a professional baritone. As a composer, he has published ov er thirty choral songs.
Maierhofer, Lorenz 1956 Austrian composer , songwriter , author and internationally active speaker. His compositional style ranges from contemporary, historical, jazz, gospel and folk
Maikov, Apollon Nikolayevich Maykov, Apollon Nikolayevich 1821 1897 Russian poet, best known for his lyric verse showcasing images of Russian villages, nature, and Russian history
Makaire, Hori New Zealand Maori author and lyricist famous for the Alfred Hill arrangement of Maori lullaby
Makaroff, Mia 1970 Finnish composer/arranger, music teacher and choir leader
Makarov, Pavel 19th Century Russian Composer, Several of his sacred works were published by various publishers at the beginning of the 20th century
Makil, Elmo Q. 1938 2003 Philippines singer and conductor
Malcolm, George 1917 1997 English pianist, organist, composer, harpsichordist, and conductor.
Malin, Don American composer, chiefly of sacred music and music editor for C.C. Birchard and E.B. Marks Music
Malipiero, Gian Francesco 1882 1973 Italian composer
Malkin, Norman 1918 1979 Writer/manager of Sunnysiders group, and wrote many of their songs
Malotte, Albert Hay 1895 1964 American pianist, organist, composer and educator.
Maltby, Richard Maltby, Sr., Richard Eldridge 1914 1991 American musician, conductor, arranger and bandleader, most notable for his 1956 recording (Themes From) The Man With the Golden Arm". He was also the father of the Broadway lyricist and director Richard Maltby, Jr.
Mana-Zucca, Madame Zuckermann, Augusta 1887 1981 American actress, singer, pianist and composer.
Mancini, Henry 1924 1994 American composer, conductor and arranger, who is best remembered for his film and television scores
Mandel, Frank 1884 1958 A very successful Broadway playwright, producer, director and lyricist
Mandel, Johnny Alfred 1925 Grammy and Oscar-winning American composer and arranger of popular songs, film music and jazz, conductor, trumpeter, and trombonist.
Manilow, Barry 1943 American singer-songwriter and producer.
Mann, Arthur Henry 1850 1929 English organist and composer of hymn tunes. He was most noted for his role as organist and director of music at King's College Chapel, Cambridge from 1876–1929, being the founder director of the world famous tradition of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
Mann, Barry Imberman, Barry 1939 American songwriter, and part of a successful songwriting partnership with his wife, Cynthia Weil. He has written or co-written 53 hits in the UK and 98 in the US
Mann, Johnny 1928 2014 American arranger, composer, conductor, entertainer, and recording artist.
Mann, Kal Sheldon, Jon 1917 2001 American lyricist. He is best known for penning the words to Elvis Presley's "Teddy Bear", plus "Butterfly", a hit for both Charlie Gracie and Andy Williams, and "Let's Twist Again", sung by Chubby Checker, which won the Grammy for best Pop Song the year it was released. Some songs such as "Limbo Rock" were credited under the pseudonym of Jon Sheldon
Mann, Robin Contemporary composer, performer and choir director of Australian Christian Songs
Mansfield, O. Mansfield, Orlando Augustine 1863 1936 English born pianist, organist, composer, author, editor and lecturer, was Professor of Theory and Organ at Brenau College in Gainesville, Georgia, from 1918 to 1923. During his lifetime he composed or arranged over 1000 musical pieces, including choral music, solo songs, music for organ (both original and transcription), piano music (original and transcriptions), hymns, part songs, and chamber music He returned to England in 1923 where he continued writing, composing, teaching, lecturing, and
Mansfield, Purcell James 1889 1968 Accomplished organist, taught by his father Orlando. He was Organist and Choirmaster of the Wesleyan Church in Paignton, Devon aged 16. After active service in World War 1 Purcell performed guest organ recitals all over Britain including Westminster Cathedral in London.,