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Noble, Ray 1903 1978 English bandleader, composer, arranger, radio comedian, and actor. Noble wrote both lyrics and music for many popular songs during the British dance band era
Noble, Thomas Tertius 1867 1953 English-born organist and composer, resident in the United States for the latter part of his career. Noble composed orchestral and chamber music, but is now remembered for his music for the Anglican church, particularly his Evening services in a A major, B minor and A minor, and his anthems
Noble, Weston Noble, Weston H 1922 2016 American music educator. Noble was an internationally acclaimed conductor as well as a music educator. His distinguished career includes conducting more than 900 music festivals throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, and South America. He was best known for his 57-year tenure on the faculty as conductor of the Nordic Choir from 1948 to 2005 and the Luther College Concert Band from 1948 to 1973.
Noonuccal, Oodgeroo Ruska, Kathleen Jean Mary; Walker, Kath 1920 1993 Poet and Aboriginal rights activist
Norman, Ludwig Norman, Fredrik Vilhelm Ludvig 1831 1885 Swedish composer, conductor, pianist, and music teacher.
Norman, Marsha 1947 American playwright, screenwriter, and novelist
Norman, Robert 1909 2002 Pseudonym of Robert Gardner, American composer and arranger, founder of Staff Music Publishing co
Norred, Larry Keyboardist, composer, arranger and former Vice-President of Production for Jenson Publications in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has over 300 published arrangements for jazz ensemble, concert band, choral ensemble and marching band in distribution throughout the United States, Canada, the Far East and Europe. He is an owner and managing editor for Jon Ross Music,
Norris, John 1657 1711 Rev. Norris was a clergyman and philosopher. Norris wrote on numerous topics, including politics, religion, philosophy and the Christian life. He also composed poetry.
North, Alex 1910 1991 Film composer who composed the musical scores for "Death of a Salesman," "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
North, Michael 1902 1960 British lyricist, BBC producer and composer.
Norton, Christopher 1953 New Zealand born pianist and composer. He is is now well established as a composer, producer, arranger and educationalist and has written stage musicals, ballet scores, piano music, popular songs and orchestral music
Norton, Frederic Norton, George Frederic 1969 1946 British composer, most associated with the record breaking Chu Chin Chow, which opened in 1916.
Noske, Frits 1920 Dutch musicologist and author
Novello, Ivor Davies , David Ivor 1893 1951 Welsh composer and actor who became one of the most popular British entertainers of the first half of the 20th century.
Novello, Vincent 1781 1861 English chorister, organist and composer. Many of his compositions were sacred music. His great contribution lay in the introduction to England of unknown compositions by the great masters, such as the Masses of Haydn and Mozart, the works of Palestrina, the treasures of the Fitzwilliam Museum, and innumerable, now well known great compositions.
Nowak, Jerry Nowak, Gerald Chester 1936 American composer, music educator, conductor, clarinetist and saxophonist..
Nowak, Leopold 1904 1991 Austrian born pianist, organist and musicologist. chiefly known for editing the works by Anton Bruckner for the International Bruckner Society. He reconstructed the original form of some of those works, most of which had been revised and edited many times.
Nowowiejski, Feliks 1877 1946 Polish composer, conductor, concert organist, and music teacher.
Noyes, Alfred 1880 1958 English poet, short-story writer and playwright, best known for his ballads, "The Highwayman" and "The Barrel-Organ".
Nørgård, Per 1932 Danish composer of new music
Núñez, Francisco J. 1965 conductor, composer, leading figure in music education, and the founder of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award-winning Young People’s Chorus of New York City
Nunn, E. Cuthbert Nunn, Edward Cuthbert 1868 1914 He was an organist, composer and translator of hymns born in Britain. He published several works such as Four Old French Carols, Two Characteristic Pieces and Four Little Studies for the Pianoforte. He composed the opera The Fairy Slipper, several pieces for the organ and piano, and is remembered for his translation of the French Christmas carol "Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle"
Nunn, Philip Nunn, Philip Alban 1961 Australian composer
Nunn, Trevor Nunn, Sir Trevor Robert 1940 English theatre, film and television director. Nunn has been the Artistic Director for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Royal National Theatre, and, currently, the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. He has directed musicals and dramas for the stage, as well as opera. His well-known musicals are Cats (1981) and Les Misérables (1985)
Nyberg, Anders 1955 Swedish composer and conductor. His most important musical influences come from the local folk musicians in his home village of Malung and in South Africa. He published more than 100 choral compositions and arrangements through his own publishing company, Utryck. Nyberg was nominated the "Swedish Choirleader of the Year" in 1986. 

Nygard, Carl (Jnr.) 1947 American born composer and teacher. Associated with the music ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America he has published both anthems and hymn tunes with the Hope Publishing Company. His compositions can be found in the catalogs of fifteen different American publishers.
Nystedt, Knut 1915 2014 Norwegian orchestral and choral composer, organist and choral teacher