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Olcott, Chauncey Olcott, John Chancellor 1858 1932 American stage actor, songwriter and singer of Irish descent. Some numbers from his musicals became very popular, such as "My Wild Irish Rose" from A Romance of Athlone, "Mother Machree" from Barry of Ballymore, and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" from The Isle o' Dreams.
Oldham, Arthur 1926 2003 English composer, chorus master and pianist. Works included ballets and choral works.
Oldroyd, George 1886 1951 British organist, composer and teacher
Oler, Kim US TV & theatrical composer and orchestrator
Oliphant, Thomas 1799 1873 Scottish musician, artist and author whose works were well known in their day. He wrote the chorale for the wedding of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. Oliphant wrote the words to "Deck the Hall(s) with Boughs of Holly".
Olive, Vivienne 1950 British-Australian composer and music educator. She trained in Britain and Germany, and worked in Germany before taking up posts in Australia where she taught at Ballarat and James Cook University.
Oliver, Herbert 1902 1937 British composer of light music in early 20th century
Oliver, Richard C. Contemporary composer, author.
Olson, Robert American musician, composer and choir director and full-time Music Minister at Emmanuel Church in Paramount, California
Olsson, Otto 1879 1964 Swedish composer and organ virtuoso. As a teacher, he influenced many Swedish church musicians, and he was important in the development of church music in Sweden
Ono, Yoko 1933 Japanese multimedia artist, singer and peace activist who is also known for her work in avant-garde art, music and filmmaking. She is the widow and second wife of John Lennon.
Oosterbaan, Andre 1947 Dutch born Australian composer and lecturer who has worked in Europe and Australia
Orbán, György 1947 Transylvania-born Hungarian composer. His choral music mixes traditional liturgical renaissance and baroque counterpoint with intrusions from jazz.
Orbison, Roy Orbison, Roy Kelton 1936 1988 American singer-songwriter, best known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads
Orchard, William Arundel 1867 1961 London born composer and conductor and music master at St Paul's School, London. After coming to Australia he worked in erth, Sydney and Hobart. In 1908 Orchard conducted the inaugural five concerts of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. From Sydney Conservatorium's opening in March 1916, Orchard was responsible for ensemble singing and the courses in musical literature and the history of music and in 1923 became Director.
Ord, Boris Ord, Bernhard 1897 1961 British organist and choirmaster of King's College, Cambridge between 1929 and 1957, save during World War II when he served in the Royal Air Force; Harold Darke deputised during that period. He was, like his successor Sir David Willcocks, educated at Clifton College. A distinguished choir master, he was described by Willcocks as the man who taught him everything he knows about training a choir.
Orff, Carl Orff, Carl Heinrich Maria 1895 1982 20th-century German composer, best known for his cantata Carmina Burana (1937). In addition to his career as a composer, Orff developed an influential approach toward music education for children.
Orlovich, Matthew 1970 Works as a freelance composer, based in Sydney, Australia. His music has been performed extensively throughout Europe, as well as in Canada, the Middle East, USA, Australia and New Zealand.
Orr, Robin Kemsley Orr, Robert Kemsley 1909 2006 British composer, teacher and Musical administrator. He excelled in music for the church. Orr was Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge from 1964 to 1976. He was Chair of Scottish Opera from 1962 to 1976 and Director of the Welsh National Opera from 1971 to 1983.
Ortiz, Diego 1510 1570 Spanish composer and theorist in service to the Spanish viceroy of Naples and later to Philip II of Spain.
Ortmans, René 1863 1949 Little is known of René Ortmans’ life beyond the two delightful student concertinos he left to posterity. Both are single-movement works comparable to the Rieding concertinos.
Osler, Edward 1798 1863 Many hymns in his Foundling Hospital Collection
Othmayr, Caspar [Othmayer, Otmaier, Othmarus] 1515 1553 German Lutheran pastor and composer. Othmayr is considered one of the masters of melodic phrasing of the middle of the 16th century. The most important works were written from 1545 to 1550. He composed numerous hymns inspired by Martin Luther,
Otieno, S. A. Otiena, Sylvester Kenyan composer and arranger. Choral Director of Kenyatta University, Founder Director Talanta Afrika Music and Youth Initiative, Director of Music Catholic Choirs Assoication of Kenya
Ouchterlony, Dr. David 1914 1987 Canadian Organist, teacher and administrator
Ould, Barry Peter British musicologist and arranger who co-founded the Percy Grainger Society (UK) with David Tall in 1978 and, in 1984, became editor of the Grainger Society Journal . He is administrator and representative for the Grainger Estate. Society
Ouseley, Sir Frederick Arthur Gore 1825 1889 English composer, organist, musicologist and priest. Probably his most notable student was Sir John Stainer.
Overby, Oscar Overby, Oscar Rudolph 1892 1964 American composer of Norwegian descent, choir director and conductor
Overstreet, Paul Overstreet, Paul Lester 1955 American country music singer and songwriter
Overstreet, W. Benton African-American theater director iof the early 20th century. A pianist, composer and bandleader who Langston Hughes ranked along with W.C. Handy as one of the "better poets of jazz," Overstreet's near-total obscurity today is the reverse of how prominent he was during the WWI era.