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Aguiar, Emani Aguiar, Ernani Henrique Chaves 1950 Brazilian composer, choral conductor, and musicologist.
Ahlen, Waldemar 1894 1982 Swedish composer and organist
Ahlstrom, Leonard Songwriter of Christian songs for groups such as NewSong
Ahrold, Frank 1931 1989 Composer and Arranger of Religious Songs
Aichinger, Gregor 1565 1628 German composer of religious music during the stylistic transition from the late Renaissance to early Baroque. His music is chiefly choral and ecclesiastical, set to Latin texts. It shows a conservative taste influenced by the Venetian school of composers, especially Giovanni Gabrieli, with whom he studied.
Aickin, George Ellis Aickin, George E 1869 1937 English born Australian Anglican Priest
Aitken, George Aitken, George Benjamin Johnston 1866 1942 British pianist, organist, choirmaster
Aked, Lindsay 1930 2010 20th century Australian composer
Akers, Doris 1923 1995 American Gospel music composer, arranger and singer.
Aks, Harold 1922 2000 Choral Director and Lecturer
Akst, Harry 1894 1963 American songwriter, and Pianist
Albrecht, Sally K. 1954 Sally K. Albrecht is presently the Director of School Choral publications for Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. She is a popular choral conductor, composer and clinician
Alcock, Gilbert A. 1870 1954 English organist, choirmaster, and composer
Alcock, Janey 20th century Music Arranger
Aldrich, Henry [Dr.] 1647 1710 British theologian, historian (co-editor of Clarendon's Rebellion), architect (of Peckwater Quad, Christ Church) and Vice Chancellor of Oxford University. He was a great Patron and Promoter of Music and composed many valuable Compositions for the Cathedral Service
Aldrich, T. B. Alodrich, Thomas Bailey 1836 1907 American Author and Poet
Aletter, Wilhelm Alphonse Tellier; Herbert Wells Thayer; Leo North; Sam Weller 1867 1934 Worked as a pianist, composer and in a music shop. He wrote salon music for orchestra and piano, as well as numerous couplets and songs .
Alexander, C. F. Alexander, Cecil Frances 1818 1895 Irish hymn-writer, poet
Alexander, Josef 1908 1992 American composer and teacher. In 1955 and 1956 he held a Fulbright fellowship as a composer in residence in Finland. His compositions have been performed by orchestras including the New York Philharmonic and the NBC Symphony. For 35 years, he taught music at Brooklyn College
Alfvén, Hugo 1872 1960 Swedish Violinist, Conductor and Composer
Alison, Richard 1592 1606 English composer. His particular interest was in writing consort music
Allan, Lewis Meeropol, Abel 1903 1986 Abel Meeropol was an American writer, teacher and song-writer, best known under his pseudonym Lewis Allan and as the adoptive father of the young sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Meeropol wrote the anti-lynching poem, "Strange Fruit", which was first published in the Marxist publication The New Masses and was subsequently set to music.
Allan, Robert 1774 1841 Scottish poet
Allaway, Ben 1958 20/21st century US composer. His work reflects a passion for cross-cultural experiences as well as the great choral traditions.
Allegri, Domenico 1585 1629 Italian composer and singer of the early Baroque Roman School and was a younger brother of the more famous Gregorio Allegri. Allegri is mainly famous as being one of the first to include specific instrumental accompaniments to sacred vocal music on a small scale
Allegri, Gregorio 1582 1652 Italian composer of the Roman School and brother of Domenico Allegri; he was also a priest and a singer.
Allen, Barclay 1918 1966 American pianist and bandleader.
Allen, Deborah Thurmond, Deborah Lynn 1953 American country music singer-songwriter and guitarist
Allen, Denis 20th century singer/songwriter based in County.Limerick, Ireland. He wrote and sang the song "Limerick You're A Lady" which went to number one in Ireland in 1979 for several weeks and stayed in the chart for about a year. It has since been recorded by over 40 different artists.
Allen, George N. Allen, George Nelson 1812 1877 He is primarily known today for writing the melody to the hymn Precious Lord, Take My Hand. Allen became professor of sacred music at Oberlin College, Ohio, in 1834. He was the first professor at an American university to teach music and his classes were enormously popul